Toh Tuck Place

Located in a residential enclave on a hill, Toh Tuck Place is designed to provide both private and communal personal spaces. By settling back the tinted facade and framing it with a chamfer, natural illumination is maximized without excessive heat gain.

LocationToh Tuck Place, Singapore

Status : Built 2018

Client : Sew family

Type : Residential, Terrace

Size : 3500 sf

Tags : Sustainable, Residential, Terrace

Toh Tuck Place is a residence that responds to the site conditions with passive design principles that optimizes natural illumination and cross ventilation.

The spaces were designed around a well-lit courtyard that is naturally ventilated, drawing in gentle breezes through stack effect.

Pockets of spaces are created for each family member to enjoy both quality time as well as privacy.